Valentine's Day Coloring Book - 32 Beautiful Designs with Hearts, Love, Chocolate, Candy, Cupid, Flowers, Gifts, Friendships & More!

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Welcome to our new edition of Valentine’s Day Coloring! Love is in the air, and every page of this magazine has a sweet scene celebrating the holiday. All sorts of romantic images are here, ready to awaken your artistic side as you color them in. Coloring is a relaxing and fun way for you to express your inner artist. And speaking of fun, we’ve got puns, jokes and riddles near each picture to give you a chuckle. You’ll also learn some interesting facts about Valentine’s Day. For example, did you know the first heart-shaped box of chocolates was sold—by Cadbury—in 1861?

Ready to start? Grab your pencils and markers, read through our handy tips below, and set your artistic talents free!

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