The Ultimate Guide to James Bond

The Ultimate Guide to James Bond

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It’s been almost six decades since Agent 007 first appeared on movie screens, making a star of Sean Connery and offering men and women alike the fantasy of being a super duper secret agent. In 25 official James Bond movies (and two non-official ones), six men have now played the world’s most famous spy, and in the process have given us fabulous cars, cool gadgets, exotic locales, and some pretty fantastic villains. Don’t get us started on the Bond Girls, either. We take a look at each of the movies, as well as the villains, the henchmen, the gadgets, the women, the sidekicks, and the man who started it all, author Ian Fleming himself. Filled with loads of trivia and facts you didn’t know that you didn’t know, this James Bond issue will be as popular as the spy himself.


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