The Story of Dirty Dancing

The Story of Dirty Dancing

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When Eleanor Bergstein wrote Dirty Dancing, she wanted to capture a fond time in her life filled with holidays in the Catskills, mambo competitions, and a growing social consciousness. What she and small studio Vestron Pictures didn’t expect was for the movie, released in 1987 with little expectations, to become a phenomenon. But 35 years on, it’s clear that the nostalgic 1960s setting, the mix of humor and serious commentary, the tremendous soundtrack, and the undeniable chemistry between leads Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze made it an irresistible package. In The Story of Dirty Dancing, we look back on the film’s origins, stars, music, and best moments, capped off with a trivia quiz worthy of a competition on Kellerman’s west porch!


On Newsstands: 8/12/22 - 11/14/22

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