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Star Trek Guide

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Star Trek isn’t so much a series of shows and movies as it is a way of life. What began more than five decades ago as a simple TV show about a spaceship and its crew has turned into a cultural juggernaut, spawning not only seven series and 13 movies but also becoming a part of the U.S. space program (the first NASA space shuttle was named the Enterprise, in honor of the famous Star Trek spaceship) and creating a fan base whose name has become synonymous with pop culture obsession.  This Ultimate Guide to Star Trek provides a definitive chronicle of all things Trek for both devoted fans and casual observers: the complete history of the original series, including its connection to Lucille Ball (yes, for real!), a breakdown of every series and movie, an A to Z guide to the franchise’s alien heroes and villains, an analysis of all its fashions by a panel of experts and even a sneak peek at what’s next in the Trek universe. Even after 50+ years, Star Trek continues to boldly go where no show has gone before and The Ultimate Guide to Star Trek will show readers why, and what they have to look forward to in the years ahead.


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