Music Spotlight - The Ultimate Guide to AC/DC

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You can learn a lot about AC/DC just by looking at their song titles. For instance, 23 tracks in their extensive catalog contain the same word: “rock.” Were they any other band, you might put this repetition down to lexical laziness. But when it comes to AC/DC, it reflects nothing less than their reverence for the original brand of rock ’n’ roll created by giants like Chuck Berry and Little Richard. In 1979 Highway to Hell made them stars, their music and shows remained true to its original spec: three chords and the truth. As Malcolm once said. The death of their lead singer Bon Scott in 1980 saw AC/DC rise to the greatest heights ever with Back in Black. It also launched them onto the world stage in a big way. The stage sets grew more elaborate, with gimmicks like the Hells Bell, the For Those About to Rock cannons and the giant inflatable Rosie. But what never changed was the knowledge that AC/DC were doing it for the fans. Inside these pages you will find dozens of unique photos and little known facts, this is a genuine keepsake for the AC/DC lover or just a fan of music!

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