Music Spotlight - BTS Up Close and Personal

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On June 13, 2013, after years of intense work as trainees, Jimin, RM, Jungkook, Jin, Suga, V and J-Hope made their official stage debut on M Countdown, performing “We Are Bulletproof” and “No More Dream.” And over the past decade, they’ve seen all of their dreams come true. But they know that their success would not have been possible without the love and support of their beloved fans. “We are who we are right now because of ARMY,” said Jin. “We would not have been able to accomplish what we have without them.” And despite having to take some time away from group activities due to their mandatory military service, BTS’ star continues to shine brighter than ever. From critically acclaimed solo projects to groundbreaking fashion partnerships, the members are making significant strides in their artistic and personal journeys, setting the stage for one epic reunion in 2025! “I do believe that after these times of personal growth, our synergy as a team will be much more powerful,” J-Hope told Variety in March. “As a team with members who love and care about each other, we look forward to meeting our fans as a group again very soon.”

In this collector’s-edition issue, we’re celebrating BTS’ incredible decade-long journey. Get closer than ever to each member with inspiring features and then see how much each guy has grown up since 2013. Plus, in a special photo-filled scrapbook, discover over 100 of their biggest moments. Finally, test your knowledge in trivia quizzes, games, puzzles and more! The truth is that over the past decade, BTS has given ARMY so much joy, but we know that their best moments are truly “Yet to Come.”

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