BTS - The Ultimate Activity Fanbook

BTS - The Ultimate Activity Fanbook

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The only thing that’s as strong as BTS’ bond with ARMY is their bond with each other. And ever since the group announced that they’d be taking some time to focus on personal projects back in June, we’ve gotten to see that bond on full display. Whether it was Jimin taking a 13-hour flight from Seoul, South Korea, to Chicago so he could support J-Hope at Lollapalooza, J-Hope surprising RM and Jin on the sets of their respective music videos, or all of the members dropping Jin off at boot camp, everything they do for one another is totally sincere and so heartwarming. And let’s not even talk about everything they do for ARMY. From Jungkook’s four-hour Weverse Live to Jin’s surprise selfies from the military base, the members are constantly keeping in touch and making life so much more fun! We hope this collector’s edition activity book will bring you hours of fun, too. Get closer than ever to the members with heartfelt personal stories, throwback childhood pics and even their top songwriting tips. Plus, this issue is packed with quizzes, party games, puzzles, DIY projects and freebies like bookmarks and door hangers. So turn on your favorite BTS playlist and get ready to dive in!

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