Keto For Women Over 50

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It’s known for producing fast weight loss, but America’s favorite high-fat, low-carb diet is so much more. And its health benefits for people over 50 are especially promising. Besides improving cardiovascular health, it can help lower high blood sugar and even help you get off medication. A person’s intake for nutrients also changes after age 50, and keto-friendly foods can help ensure you get everything you need (more calcium for bone health, protein for healthy muscle mass). There’s even research to suggest keto offers brain benefits too, from increasing mental sharpness to decreasing the risk of depression. Besides introducing readers to the basics of keto—what it is, how and why it works—readers will learn what they can—and can’t—eat when following a ketogenic diet, stick-with-it strategies and essential tips to find success on the diet, and delicious, satisfying recipes to get started today. This magazine is the go-to guide for people over 50 to get quick results and make these years their healthiest yet! 


On Newsstands: 1/13/23 - 4/17/23

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