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Inside Your Dog's Mind - New Discoveries: What They Really Think, Understand Their World, Decode Your Pet's Personality, Dog Dreams Explained + Teach Your Pup English!

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Unconditional love?  Few bonds come closer than those we share with our furry “best friends.”  Science shows that people often love their dogs as if they were their own children.  What’s the source of this incredible human-canine bonding? Animal researchers look at everything you need to know to keep your dog happy and healthy.  Celebrate the joy of special bonds, learn to decode your dog’s expressions and moods, discover new ways to be a more compassionate helpmate to your pup, learn from veterinarians tips to keep your dog in top shape and out of their office, and answer the question on everyone’s mind, do they really love us back (spoiler alert: yes!).  Our team of experts also give guidance on how to take the best care of your dog including tips for when you’re at work, how to battle canine obesity, how to stimulate your dog, and interviews with animal psychologists to explain what they’re telling us based on behavior.  For everyone who owns (or loves) dogs, this is the magazine for you!

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