Grow Your Own Herbs - The Ultimate Gardening Guide

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One of the best parts of gardening is digging in and taking the opportunity to experiment. Planting new varieties keeps things exciting and fresh all year round. But when you truly want to spice things up, herbs are the answer. With just a bit of space (indoors or out), and access to a steady stream of sunlight and minimal care, additions like basil, thyme mint, rosemary and lavender will bring plenty of color and texture to beds, borders and containers, as well as a host of flavors to the kitchen. Herb Gardening Made Easy offers gardeners, both experienced and green, the tools to pick which herbs fit their palate and plots, guidance on planting from seeds and cuttings; suggestions for combinations that work well together; step-by-step instruction for planting in beds, borders and containers; and helpful tips on watering, pruning and harvesting, which will keep seasonings healthy all season long. We also teach you how to grow herbs that garnish your favorite food types including Mexican (cilantro, Mexican oregano, epazote), Italian (sweet basil, flat-leaf parsley and oregano), and French (lavender, tarragon, and chives), along with a host of easy and delicious herb-filled recipes. Our easy to follow, visual, high-quality format makes this the perfect read and a resource you can keep referring to year after year.

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