Garth Brooks - The Story of an American Icon

Garth Brooks - The Story of an American Icon

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From his early days as a college athlete turned bar-band singer to his meteoric rise in the 1990s and up until his present life as a living legend—Garth Brooks has never lost gratitude for being able to perform. He considers making music an honor and a privilege, a special kind of love that he shares with audiences around the world whenever he approaches a microphone. Brooks has been rewarded with astonishing record sales, sold-out concerts and enduring respect for the choices he’s made along the way to live his life the best he can muster. Back on the road, Brooks has said that his personal goal is to make people love each other more after the concert than they did walking in. That’s exactly the kind of thoughtful perspective that has made Garth Brooks one of the most legendary–and beloved—performers of all time.


On Newsstands: 1/13/23 - 4/17/23

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