Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks

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In the annals of country music record breakers, Garth Brooks stands tall. The highest-selling country artist in history, and the bestselling solo American musician in any genre during this century, he rewrote the rules for what it meant to be a Nashville superstar. Garth has sold 170 million records worldwide, with seven of them reaching Diamond status — a record unmatched even by Elvis Presley or the Beatles. Garth's rise to the top wasn't only meteoric, it changed the entire industry. His pop-friendly approach and tireless showmanship — epitomized by his high-energy live productions that similarly transformed stadium concerts — help raise country music to be a crossover force like never before. He's one of popular music's biggest teddy bears, a lovable goofball who loves a dad joke and isn't afraid to poke fun of himself. And he always has time for his fans, with a legendary reputation for spending time with them during meet and greets and autograph sessions. Garth has championed numerous progressive causes over the years, no matter the backlash he's faced at times in return — especially in his support of gay marriage. He and wife Trisha Yearwood have also poured their time and energy into Habitat for Humanity. Celebrate the legend's remarkable life with a collection of intimate stories and breathtaking photos.


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