Food to Love - Fast Dinners: 75 Triple Tested Recipes

Food to Love - Fast Dinners: 75 Triple Tested Recipes

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Everyone’s lives are becoming increasingly busy, and you may find that you have less time to cook healthy and delicious food. With this issue we show you that it’s possible to have fresh meals on the table in as little as 15 minutes. It takes a little organization, but the result is delicious homemade dinners every night. Organized into the helpful sections, Out of the Frying Pan, Noodles + Rice Night, Midweek Meat Free, Salad for Dinner, and Get Grilling, the 75 recipes in Fast Dinners provide wholesome food on the table 7 days a week. Including hints and hacks to make the most of the time you have in the kitchen, plus tips for shopping and planning ahead, Fast Dinners will make sure you won’t ever have to think about what to make for dinner tonight again.


On Newsstands: 8/5/22 - 11/7/22

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