Coloring Owls - 32 Inspiring Designs

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Welcome to our latest edition of Coloring Owls! If you love these fascinating flyers as much as we do, you’ll love the owl images perched on these pages, waiting to inspire your creative side as you color in their beautiful feathers and features. It’s easy to see why coloring books are so popular: Coloring is a relaxing and fun way for you to express your inner artist. And speaking of fun, we’ve got puns, jokes and riddles near each picture to give you a chuckle. You’ll also learn some intriguing facts about the magnificent birds swooping through these pages. For instance, did you know the edges of their wings are serrated, which enables them to fly silently? Ready to start? Gather up a flock of colored pencils or markers, read through our handy tips below, and let your artistic talents take flight!

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