James Bond - The Super 6 and Who Might be Next

James Bond - The Super 6 and Who Might be Next

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Everybody loves a hero. An action hero, a sports hero, even an anti-hero… we love them all. What makes James Bond stand out is that he’s in a category all by himself—a remarkable combination of cool and class, refinement and rebellion. He is a beacon of the ideal in an impossibly chaotic world. Countless real people have tried to bring a little bit of Bond into their life, just as the actors who have played him imparted some of their own personality into a classic, yet continuously evolving, character. What comes next for Bond? And who will play him now that Daniel Craig has stepped aside? The world cannot wait to find out. Because even though times have changed, the character’s unruffled perfection never seems to die.


On Newsstands: 2/24/23 - 5/29/23

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