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Welcome to issue No. 22! Grab a snack and hunker down because we have a ton of great articles for you. Spending a few days floating down the river in a canoe sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? We have an excellent story on how to plan for doing that safely. While you’re at it, you’ll probably work up an appetite, so we’re covering how to provide the calories you’ll need. We also have some good information on how to use the white willow tree to make a pain reliever. How about building your very own greenhouse? That’s a great way to increase the food production of your garden. We also explain how to keep your knives sharp and how to use a ferrocerium rod to start your campfire. One of our favorite knife makers is Dan Tope, and we’re reviewing a semi- custom model of his called the Phoenix. We also have a guide on saws that are perfect for taking on camping or hiking trips. With every article, the goal is to provide you with practical information you can use. Welcome to the backwoods!

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