Backwoods Survival Guide - Living Off the Land

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Welcome to issue No. 21! You might want to grab a quick snack before you dive in, as we have a ton of awesome material for you. I always say that I have the best job in the world because I get to read all these great articles before anyone else. Here are a few of the highlights. If you’re going to teach outdoors skills, it is important to understand how people learn, as wilderness instructor Craig Caudill explains. Cooking over an open flame can be tricky, but Bernie Carr has several tips and tricks to share. Angeline Hawkes shows us several ways we can use herbs and other natural resources to keep our teeth healthy. Kevin Luebke takes us through the process of making a leather sheath for an ax.  In addition, we have a gear guide featuring several tools to help you snare, trap or catch food in the wild. There’s a buyer’s guide for outerwear, covering all you’ll need to handle inclement weather. We have articles on spring garden planning, scuba diving, DIY candles and so much more.

Welcome to the backwoods!

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