Anniversary Spotlight - The Ultimate Guide to Pokemon

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Pokémon is everything and everywhere. Even if you’ve never played the video game or traded cards, it’s nearly impossible to have never heard of Pokémon. The 27-year-old media franchise is part of our cultural consciousness. With its origins in video games, the franchise has also produced more than 1,200 TV episodes, the popular Trading Card Game, the mobile game Pokémon GO, movies and more.

But Pokémon had humble beginnings. No one really understood it at first and the game almost didn’t get created. So what was it about Pokémon that turned it into a global sensation? Why do people love these creatures so much? In these pages, you’ll learn about how this game got its start, the difference between each generation of video games and some of the most beloved Pokémon of all time among the 1,000-plus that exist today.  We’ll cover all the basics of this game, from how to get started playing and the basic terms to know, to how to read a trading card from top to bottom. You’ll also find out what’s new in the world of Pokémon. We’ll also dive into the origins of the top-selling trading card game and some of its hits to show up on the big screen. Finally, we’ll share some of the most impressive Pokémon fans and the collections they’ve built from their dedication, Pokémon A to Z and a chance to test your knowledge about the whole franchise with a quiz.

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