Electric Cars - The Complete Guide

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Everything you need to know about EV - Americans are buying electric cars in huge numbers.  No longer just limited to Tesla, GM, Ford, Toyota, Hyundai and every automaker are updating their top models for an EV future, pickups and SUVs included!  The first hybrids were sold in the early 2010s, and full-electric cars soon followed and began to gain in popularity. Many are turning to the electric car to save money at the pump and make a conscious effort to quell greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate control. Automakers are taking notice, as most have committed to converting most, if not all, of their models to electric in coming decade.  We introduce first-time buyers to the differences between hybrid and full-electric, the pros and cons of each, and the terms and definitions that describe the relatively new industry. Topics like tax credits, recharging stations, general maintenance, and long-distance road trips are thoroughly discussed. The magazine highlights in detail, not only nearly all of the full-electric cars offered for sale in the United States this year and next, plus the popular hybrid models available on the market today. Each entry focuses on the pertinent statistics and price-points so any potential buyer can make an informed comparison.



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