Popular Science - Secrets of a Dogs Mind

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There’s been an explosion of published science in recent years on the inner workings and psychology of the dog’s mind. The findings are so fast and furious that university departments have been created and professional journals launched just to investigate canine neuroscience, and we are here to spread the word.  Dogs inhabit a universe defined not by vision, like us, but rather by intense, constantly changing scent. They feel deep emotion from happiness to grief. They can literally smile. They truly love their humans, and may learn to understand hundreds or thousands of human words if trained. We’ve had to shed some myths. The idea of the alpha dog has been debunked; instead of pack animals, our dogs are social creatures in need of attention, interaction, and play. In this all-new issue, dive into the latest studies on dog jealousy,  a look at the science of dog happiness, a story on the hormonal basis of the human-canine bond and so much more.

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