Metallica - 40 years of Heavy Metals Greatest Band

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Metallica reign supreme 40 years into a legendary career.

This special publication can’t come close to telling the full story of Metallica’s rise to the pantheon of rock gods. What it does attempt to do is capture the unflagging energy, the unrelenting power, and the unstoppable fire that has fueled this band from the very first notes they played together in 1981. It’s been 40 years since singer-guitarist James Hetfield answered Lars Ulrich’s classified ad in The Recycler looking for “other metal musicians to jam with,” and so much has happened within the world of Metallica since their initial meeting. A band that once sold their raw demo via mail order and tried to steal a keg at their first ever gig has become a juggernaut with six straight No. 1 albums and millions of fans who fill arenas around the world. Pick up a copy of this publication and journey inside the band Metallica!

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