Hollywood Spotlight - The Ultimate Guide to Superman 85th Anniversary Special

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Eighty-five years after his debut, we still get a thrill when we hear that phrase, all these years later, it continues to inspire hope, offering us the chance to see the perfect hero flying in to save the day.

Superman is the first superhero, but he is also a great immigrant story. He is, after all, an alien, in every sense of the word, who has come from across the universe to become the perfect embodiment of the American Dream. Small town boy makes good. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. “The core narrative in Superman has been and continues to be the values and belief about the U.S. experience being strong enough and good enough to address the troubles facing the generation engaged with the character.”

With that in mind, and on the 85th anniversary of his birth, over the next 100 pages, we’ll take a deep dive into everything Superman-related, from the comic books that introduced him to the cartoons and TV shows and movies that only added to his legend and continue to make him the greatest hero of all time. So, without any further ado, up, up and away we go!

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