Heroes of the Bible

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Our heroes inspire us, lift our spirits, and remind us again and again of the amazing feats that human beings can perform. But just what makes someone a hero in the first place? In the heroes of the Bible, you will read about the most important diverse figures in history. A few fall into the category we most often associate with the term “hero”: strong combat-ready warriors, fully prepared to do battle with Israel’s enemies. But the heroism of many others in the Bible is of a very different order. Several great patriarchs of the Old Testament—Abraham, Jacob and Noah, for example—led their people through great hardship. Yet another group displayed courageous heroism in speaking out about the corruption in their respective societies. All the great prophets of the Old Testament, most notably Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Nathan, fearlessly called their leaders and wayward fellow Israelites to account while pressing the case for reform. John the Baptist did much the same in the New Testament as he sought to prepare the way for Jesus, the Savior and Messiah, who would follow him. His beheading graphically illustrates the dangers of the prophetic calling.  Then, at last, there is Jesus, hero indeed, but for millions of Christians so much more. Prophet, theologian, healer, miracle- worker, charismatic leader—Jesus was all these things, and for Christians around the globe he was something even greater: divine.


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