Ghosts - The Truth Behind the Legends and Lore

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You may have heard the story before. A driver picks up a young girl hitchhiking on the side of the road, and she asks to be driven home. The driver tries to make conversation, but the passenger is quiet, staring out the window. Just as the car is pulling into the driveway of her house, the driver looks back and notices the girl has simply vanished. Disturbed and baffled, the driver goes to the house and rings the doorbell. An old woman answers. The driver explains what happened and asks if the girl has come back. The woman gives a world-weary sigh. “That was my daughter,” she says. “She died 30 years ago on this very night.” In these pages we will look at many ghostly stories, the 411 on mediums, ghostly legends, haunted sites, and a look at Ghouls on film, so turn off the lights, light a candle and read and enjoy!

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