Centennial Travel - Weekend Escapes - 80 Perfect Places to Get Away

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Sometimes you’ve just gotta get away! Today, it’s time to once again to escape the demands of day-to-day life, experience a change in scenery, learn something new and recharge. And there is so much in this country to see. Several years ago, at Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park, I stood atop a rugged outcrop at 12,304 feet. More recently, I soaked in the sun of Clearwater Beach, Florida, where the perfect white sand is made up of ancient quartz crystals that washed down from the Appalachian Mountains. In between, I floated down the Gilded Age staircase of a Newport mansion, paraded through the streets of New Orleans and stood at the lowest elevation in North America in California’s Death Valley. It all goes to prove that life is a constant balance of highs and lows. Discover all of these getaways and more in these pages, and find your own sense of renewal after just a few days in a captivating new place.

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