Anne Frank - The Truth About the Diary

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Eight decades ago, an aspiring young writer received a journal for her 13th birthday. Her life and history were forever changed. IT WAS LOVE at first sight for Anne Frank when she saw a red-checkered diary on display in a store window in 1942. She had to have it—and days later, it was among the gifts she received on her 13th birthday. When her Jewish family escaped to the Secret Annex amid Nazi persecution in World War II, the diary was the first thing she packed. Throughout those 761 days in hiding, it was her greatest confidante and closest friend. The two were inseparable—until the Gestapo raided the annex in 1944 and hauled everyone off to concentration camps. Seventy-five years later, The Diary of a Young Girl, as it’s commonly known, has sold more than 30 million copies in 70 different languages. To this day, her eyewitness account of the Holocaust remains one of the most significant testimonies of World War II. Inside these pages you will follow her life, learn little known facts, and live history thru amazing photos.

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