Joy The Baker - Holiday 2022

Joy The Baker - Holiday 2022

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I’d love to help you out this holiday season. Our baking ramps up as the days get shorter, and if you’re wondering which chocolate chips are best, why we chill our cookie dough, how the heck to make pie crust from scratch, or what to prep the night before Christmas—I’ve got you covered, and then some. I’m Joy Wilson, but I’m better known as the internet’s favorite baker since 2008: Joy the Baker. You can think of me as your new best friend, especially if you have butter coming to room temperature on the kitchen counter. This, our fourth issue of Joy the Baker magazine, is a hearty compilation of my very best fall and holiday recipes. You’ll find enough pie inspiration to fill your windowsill, including my unexpected pie of the season, the Classic French Silk Pie. As a professional baker, I’m sharing my best holiday cookies that have unique flavors, and I’m giving away my mom’s cake secrets and a few of my own. Think of this as a mini cookbook and your guide to the most festive and delicious season. This is my favorite time of year to get in the kitchen and preheat the oven. I hope these pages inspire you to bake yourself happy along with me!

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