Flea Market Garden Style

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 There’s nothing quite like going on the hunt at a flea market, estate sale or antiques market. Other folks can have all the new merchandise at the mall—I’ll take spending countless hours sifting through well- loved books, sorting rusty garden implements and bartering for more-than- slightly used furniture, whether it’s in the fields of Round Top, Texas; the residential driveways of Columbus, Ohio; or beyond. And while I love shopping for myself, I get just as much pleasure checking out what other folks are drawn to and finding out exactly how they plan to use these treasures from bygone eras. That’s why I’m beyond excited about the people, places and things featured in this issue. Collections don’t have to be kept inside under lock and key, as these clever finders-and-seekers have proven. With a little ingenuity and elbow grease, the best finds are ready to be put out to pasture—in a good way.


On Newsstands: 2/17/23 - 5/22/23

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