Cabin Home and Living - Cozy and Charming

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Do you recall the very first cabin you fell
in love with? Mine was at a Michigan summer camp
in eighth grade. Campers downstairs, counselor upstairs, the green-trimmed A-frame had my heart long before the recent wave of new love for them. Whether a vacation rental, a second home or a full-time residence, mountain cabins tug at us with timeless appeal. Comforting and cozy in any season, they gesture us inside, promising a quiet retreat surrounded by nature’s peace. Yet a “cabin” is just as much a feeling as a structure made of logs. The very word conjures an emotion, a frame of mind, a place you long to be—a snug hideaway at once familiar, nostalgic, safe and yet exciting. The smell of woodsmoke may linger, the timber may show its age, but every detail charms us. This issue inspires with ideas to transform any home or cozy corner into your own cabin. This warm and wonderful decorating style is easily incorporated into any space.

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