Relax and Color - Meditation

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As the warmer weather arrives, our latest edition of Relax & Color celebrates spring and all the calming sights that come with this special season. This magazine will help you escape with a look at stunning flora, fauna and other natural scenes for you to color. The serene pictures will inspire your creativity and help you find some inner peace as you fill them in. Adult coloring books have been growing in popularity—for good reason! These beautiful images will help you get a little no-travel vacation from all of your real-world stresses. You’ll feel yourself relaxing as you express your artistic side by filling in these detailed images. Plus, you’ll learn some interesting facts about why these images help you feel at ease.

While the final images are richly detailed, they’re easy to create: Select colored pencils in hues corresponding to the squares near each picture (or substitute other shades to make your image unique to you), then color in each section of the image according to the numbers. If you can’t wait to see what a picture will look like when it’s done, go to page 64 to check our finished drawings—but why not try to figure them out as you go?

Ready to start? Gather up some colored pencils or markers, and set your creativity free. Happy coloring!

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