Best of Brain Fun - Mazes: The World&

Best of Brain Fun - Mazes: The World's Favorite Maze Craze, 48 Brand New Mazes + Solution Guide & Solving Tips

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Welcome to the latest edition of Brain Fun Mazes! This issue features a brand-new collection of 48 challenging puzzles that will put your pathfinding skills to the test. Summer is here and we’ll take you on a trip to the beach to admire the stunning marine life. Fire up the grill and host a cookout with warm-weather classics like burgers and lemonade. Maybe you’d like to embark on a wellness retreat, or hop on a cruise ship and let the stresses of daily life melt away. Want something a little more exciting? We also have cameras, radios and race cars. If you haven’t done a maze in a few years, don’t fret! Refresh your memory with our helpful solving tips and you’ll be ready to jump right back in. And if you’re truly trapped in the labyrinths, we’ve got the solutions starting on page 58. So sharpen your pencil and enjoy your journey through these engaging mazes! And remember, even if you get lost along the way, the journey is half the fun!

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