Mystery Colors - Birds and Flowers

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Looking for a relaxing activity that will nurture your creative side and keep you entertained for hours? All you need is a handful of colored pencils—and this magazine—to get started. In these pages, you’ll find a collection of detailed images, each of which will reveal itself as a stunning picture of a gorgeous bird in its natural habitat. Just begin coloring it in, section by section. It’s fun to guess what you’re drawing before the finished art appears in its colorful glory at the end (there’s a clue next to each picture to help you figure it out). For example, on the opposite page you’ll find the only bird that can fly backward without the help of the wind. The final picture is full of intricate details, but it’s easy to create: Just select pencils or markers in hues corresponding to the squares below the picture. Then follow the numbers to fill in each section. If you simply can’t wait to see what your art will look like when the image is filled in, you can find an answer key starting on page 64—but it’s more rewarding to guess as you go. So, gather up those pencils and start coloring!

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