Heal Your Body - The Anti-Inflammation Diet

Heal Your Body - The Anti-Inflammation Diet

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When a bear attacks, it's your instinctual "fight-or-flight" reaction that saves your life, diverting your body's energy and resources away from passive systems like digestion and toward crisis functions like heightening awareness and increasing blood pressure. Unfortunately, our modern busy lives often lock us in this stressful mode for way too long, leading to chronic inflammation and a host of health problems. But there's a solution! In this magazine, we guide readers toward scientifically proven ways to reduce inflammation, starting with improving diet (including yummy original recipes featuring gut-healthy alternatives to overly processed foods), removing stress and toxins, and adding soothing life practices like yoga, stretching, hydration, gratitude, and mindfulness. A healthier life is just around the corner.  


On Newsstands: 12/13/21 - 3/14/22

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