Indiana Jones -  The Movies, the Cast and What&

Indiana Jones - The Movies, the Cast and What's Next

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At the apex of both of their young careers, George Lucas recruited friend Steven Spielberg to flesh out the script and direct what would become Raiders of the Lost Ark. The Indiana Jones series evolved into one of the most consistent and beloved adventures in film history. With Harrison Ford as the titular Dr. Jones and a cavalcade of colorful supporting characters, cinematic locations and jaw-dropping effects surrounding him, the franchise defined the best of what crowd-pleasing cinema can be. On the precipice of the long-awaited fifth installment, The Dial of Destiny, it’s good to remind ourselves of the fundamental victory of the Indiana Jones movies: Lucas wanted to see something incredible, and he and Spielberg made it happen. The results, as Dr. Jones is wont to say, belong in a museum.

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