The Best Bible Stories - In the Beginning: Noah&

The Best Bible Stories - In the Beginning: Noah's Ark, Jesus, The Last Supper, Seven Days Of Creation, Genesis To Revelation, Modern Interpretations Bring The Bible's Stories To New Life

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 The Bible was the very first book printed on Gutenberg's press way back in 1455, and it remains the most-read book in the world, having sold at least 4 billion copies in the last fifty years. Whatever your religion, it's hard to deny the tremendous influence of these magnificent stories of faith and love, betrayal and revenge, disaster and triumph. But the Bible's text is notoriously difficult for modern readers to decipher, so we decided to retell the very best Bible stories through a modern lens. The story of Creation as a work flowchart...Samson and Delilah as a romance novella...the birth of Jesus as an event e-Card...the apocalyptic visions of Revelation as the script of an action movie...and so on. By amplifying the heart of each story in modern formats designed to appeal to today's readers, this magazine aims to breathe new life into one of the greatest books ever written.


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