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We all come to terms that our new year’s resolution to go to the gym and start dieting probably didn’t come to pass.  So what’s the solution?  To do what millions have realized to be the real deal of easy-to-follow weight loss plans…the keto diet.  We break down how it works, why it's powerful, and how to "kick it up a notch" to get even better results. We start with the basics: the latest research on keto's potential benefits, the truth about how fats and carbohydrates work in your body, and how it compares to other weight loss plans. Then we show readers in detail how to get the most from keto, add-ons (like exercising or intermittent fasting) to speed the body's response, what to buy for your kitchen and pantry, customizing keto to any needs (like vegetarian or cooking for your family), and how to stay motivated.  Finally, we inspire with pages of recipes (even pizza and lasagna) and mouthwatering photography, success stories of people whose lives were transformed by keto, and advice on making keto fun and delicious.


On Newsstands: 2/3/23 - 5/8/23

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