Star - 01.30.23 Jeremy Renner I&

Star - 01.30.23 Jeremy Renner I'm Lucky To Be Alive

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After being crushed by his snowcat, Jeremy Renner admits he’s lucky to be alive. Insiders tell Star the accident was worse than anyone knows and give shocking new details how close the Avengers star came to dying. “He almost bled out,” a source tells Star. Pamela Anderson opens up about how fame nearly destroyed her — and the disturbing abuse she suffered on the way up. In the wake of his tell-all, Spare, rogue prince Harry says his rift with the royals wouldn’t have happened if his beloved mum Diana were still alive. Anna Kendrick shares how she extricated herself from a relationship with a dangerously controlling ex, Ellen DeGeneres wants to repair her rep with a no-holds-barred TV interview, and Kim Kardashian hires a professional matchmaker! Plus, stars who love their social-media filters a bit TOO much!

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