Woman's World Specials - Save on Healthcare: 251 Ways To Get A+ Care For Less! Insurance for Less, Stay Healthy for Pennies, Dodge Sneaky costs and Save on Meds!

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Brought to you by the publishers of Woman’s World and First for Women, $ave on Healthcare is jam-packed with savvy strategies to save $1,000s on all of your healthcare needs. Included in this new, 99-page special: everything from in-depth expert advice on finding the most cost-effective insurance to the top study-proven home remedies that heal you for less. You’ll also discover surprising ways to slash medical costs, meet real-life women who cured their ailments for pennies and learn how to score the best deals at every pharmacy. Plus, secrets to cashing in on your health! $ave on Healthcare is a must-read for anyone who wants to feel great while getting the most for their healthcare dollars.

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