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John Wayne as Ethan Edwards in The Searchers movie

John Wayne - Volume 33 Official Collector's Edition: 50 Greatest Characters

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John Wayne starred in dozens of roles over the course of his decades-long career on the silver screen. Whether he was playing a rugged and rowdy rancher, a justice-seeking lawman or a fearless soldier on the frontlines of battle, John Wayne always gave his all to every role he stepped into. In Volume 33 of The Official John Wayne Collector's Edition, we've taken into account the opinions of film historians, critics and devoted fans to bring you 50 of Duke's greatest roles.

In this special edition, you'll find gorgeous images of Duke doing what he did best—bringing characters to life through his magnanimous acting syle. Flip through the glossy pages of Volume 33 to be reminded of why there will never be another man quite like John Wayne.

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