John Wayne Official Collector&
John Wayne - Volume 29 Official Collector&
John Wayne - Volume 29 Official Collector&

John Wayne - Volume 29 Official Collector's Edition: 50 Years of True Grit

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Throughout his illustrious film career, John Wayne made many films that will forever stand as some of the greatest contributions to American cinema. Few impacted his life and legacy quite like True Grit. In this new volume of the John Wayne Official Collector's Edition, take a look into the past as Duke donned an eyepatch and embraced the iconic role of Rooster Cogburn. As we celebrate the golden anniversary of the film's release, explore everything that went into making True Grit one of the greatest milestones of John Wayne's career.

In this volume, you'll find heavily-researched articles about not just the making of the film but also the man who brought Rooster Cogburn to life.

- A Man of Mettle: Even when he wasn't on set playing a character, Duke was still every bit the gritty individual he appeared to be on the big screen.

- 50 Years of True Grit: Duke's dedicated take on Rooster Cogburn in True Grit delighted audiences, critics and (finally) the Academy.

- Characters of Strength: Even a "grumpy old cuss" like Rooster Cogburn would have to admire the incredible resolve of these classic John Wayne characters.

- Special Section The True Grit Awards: In honor of the golden anniversary of True Grit, we're recognizing these 10 real-life heroes who summoned the pluck to look fear in the eye and saddle up.

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