Woman's World Specials - Heal Your Liver To Lose Weight Effortlessly: Complete Guide To Reviving Your Fat Burning Gland, Cure Tiredness, Triple Metabolism, Banish Brain Fog, End Cab Cravings

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As many as 90% of women over age 40 are struggling with the symptoms of a sluggish liver—yet most don’t even know it! The problem? Too often, the fatigue, weight gain, brain fog and more are written off as a part of aging. Plus, everything from food to medications and your environment can have a big impact of the gland’s function. To the rescue: This new 99-page special from the publishers of Woman’s World and First for Women. It will help uncover what’s dragging down your liver plus provides the simple natural remedies, advice from top docs and liver-healing recipes that will restore your health!

- 6 Quick Diagnostic Quizzes
- 11 Real-Life Success Stories
- 71 Liver Healing Cures
- 60 Recipes To Guarantee Success


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