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DaySpring - Everyday Faith: God is Doing Something New

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We are so glad you’re here and so glad that you have chosen to spend time with us in this new Spring 2023 issue. From cover to cover, you will find stories and articles to inspire hope and encouragement and to remind you that no matter what you are facing and no matter what life brings your way, God is making all things new for you. You will find tips on how to create a peaceful home and how to study the Bible, memoirs about difficult times, and histories of Easter traditions. You will find first-hand accounts of hope and encouragement, and you will find truth from God’s Word.

This year, and always, we are focusing on the truth that God has a plan for our lives and makes all things new—He tells us that in His Word over and over. You care about your faith—that’s why you picked up this magazine—and we hope that this issue helps you know and share God’s love in fresh, true, and inspiring ways!

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