Cure Your Tiredness - Find Out What&

Cure Your Tiredness - Find Out What's Causing Your Fatigue! Discover, Heal and Live Your Best Life!

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SIP2132 Cure Your Tiredness
Tiredness is rampant among American women. More than 82% of women are experiencing persistent, low-level "mystery" fatigue, which doctors often chalk up to aging, stress or busyness. The truth is, more often than not, an underlying health condition is to blame, and this 99-page special publication, brought to you by the publishers of First for Women and Woman's World, can help you determine just what's causing your fatigue. Inside, you'll find proven diagnostic quizzes, along with thorough recovery plans and inspiring success stories from women of all ages who conquered tiredness and feel better than ever. And with the help of this information-packed bookazine, you will conquer your tiredness too! 

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