Are We Alone? SIP

Are We Alone? SIP

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SIP-2139B Are We Alone?
Ever since ancient people first looked up into the night sky, one question has obsessed humankind: Are we alone—are we the only life in the universe? At last, we're starting to get some answers. From Galileo's handheld telescope to powerful space-based machines that can see for billions of miles; from listening passively for radio wave anomalies to launching active probes to remotely explore distant worlds, the search for life has kicked into high gear, and is already yielding incredible results. Thirty years ago we weren't certain there were any planets anywhere outside our solar system—today we've confirmed literally thousands of them, right here in our own galaxy, many with the right conditions to support life as we know it. Join us for an exciting overview of where we stand in our quest to find extraterrestrial life.

On Newsstands: September 22, 2021 - December 27, 2021

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