Music Spotlight - Prince 65th Birthday Tribute

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April 21, 2023, marked seven years since Prince’s untimely death, but it’s still hard to believe he’s gone. More than just a singer, musician and movie star, he was an icon whose songs are immediately identifiable, sometimes just from the first note. In 2020, on the anniversary of his passing, artists from the Foo Fighters and Beck to Earth, Wind & Fire and Coldplay’s Chris Martin performed his infectious hits at a Grammy tribute concert. The emotional show proved that while the man may no longer be with us, his spirit lives on. Just ask the thousands who continue to flock to his Paisley Park compound in Minneapolis to pay their respects. In these pages, we pay tribute to the bright star, who would have turned 65 on June 7. From his early years as the child of a broken home, we follow his career, starting with his big break when he was just a teen, and through the decades, from Purple Rain in the ’80s to his headline- making name change in the ’90s, right up until his death. We look back at the women in his life and uncover some stories that are almost too good to be true. You’ll find yourself streaming songs on your iPhone as we celebrate the musical genius’ unforgettable hits and iconic appearances on both the small and big screens.

Prince: The Legend Remembered is a tribute to a one- of-a-kind innovator, a game-changer the likes of whom we will never see again. As Maya Rudolph, the host at last year’s Grammy tribute, so aptly said, “To love Prince is to love music. He said so much, so well, for so long, and then was gone too soon.”

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