Food Swaps

Food Swaps

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Delicious, Nutritious Food SwapsWhat we want to eat isn’t always what's good for us—it seems like we always have to make a choice between healthy and happy. Until now! This guide presents genuinely delicious, deceptively healthy alternatives for all the foods you know and love. Nutrient-packed cauliflower rice that you can make in minutes. Smarter alternative oils, butters, and milks. Substitutions to support gluten-free, grain-free, and vegan diets. Decadent-tasting but deceptively healthy snacks and drinks. And a whole lot more. Whether someone you love has special dietary needs or you just want to lose weight and gain energy while keeping smiles on your family’s faces, this guide makes it easy to swap your way to a healthier future.


On Newsstands: 12/23/22 - 3/27/23

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