The Story of Zendaya - 2022

The Story of Zendaya - 2022

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There are multi-talented celebrities, skilled in acting, singing and dancing, or designing, advocating and speaking out, and then there is Zendaya. Raised in Oakland by loving parents yet nurtured as an on-camera phenomenon on the Disney Channel, Zendaya made the transition from teen star to Emmy-winning powerhouse seem natural and effortless. She shines brightly on the big screen in blockbuster films while commanding attention on red carpets and runways with her eclectic but always on-point style. Whatever Zendaya sets out to do, she does completely, with the support of critics and fans alike. In The Story of Zendaya, we examine how her lived experience is one that celebrates diversity, excellence, and progress, and survey her already impressive career with an eye toward what may come next. 


On Newsstands: 6/10/22 - 9/12/22

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