Time Special Edition: The Story Of Spider-Man

Time Special Edition: The Story Of Spider-Man

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TIME SPECIAL EDITION: The Story of Spider-Man

Hes not the first superhero. Nor is he the most powerful, or even the smartest. Yet, in the pantheon of the genre, Spider-Man stands within the uppermost echelon. Since his humble beginnings in the comic books in 1962 to his reign as a box-office champion today, the secret to the character's success may very well be his relatability. Spider-Man fails and makes mistakes—sometimes very costly ones—and must find a way to come back from them. In other words, he is human. This is the amazing story of how this iconic character was developed, refined and represented in print, television and the movies. With another new film set to be released, it's an adventure that grows and continues for millions of fans.

 On Newsstands: October 25, 2021 - January 24, 2022

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