Movie Magic: Frozen 2

Movie Magic: Frozen 2

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Frozen's long-awaited sequel, Frozen 2, is finally here, and we're celebrating with this very special edition of Movie Magic! Inside this special bookazine, you'll find everything from an exclusive interview with the heads of animation to awesome quizzes and posters. Plus, meet the two new characters coming to Frozen 2: Queen Iduna and Lieutenant Matthias! We're also taking you inside the Frozen attraction at Disney World and behind-the-scenes of Frozen on Broadway.

Finally, we're showcasing the upcoming animated films we are most excited about in our 2020 movie preview, and presenting our 77 favorite animated films of all time. So sit back, grab a hot chocolate, and enjoy our latest issue of Movie Magic!

On newsstands: October 28, 2019 - January 27, 2020

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