Harry Styles - 2022

Harry Styles - 2022

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Harry Styles has done what only a handful of boy-banders have done before — become a solo sensation, and one known for more than just his voice. In many ways, like his contemporary Zendaya, Harry Styles is a force in fashion, an emerging actor, a vocal advocate for social and political causes, and yes, still a pop music phenomenon, especially with his stunning shows at Coachella serving as a prelude to the release of his third album, Harry’s House. The way with a lyric, the emotion behind a note, the ease in front of a camera, the sense of style, and the loads of charm — all of those things make Styles a multi-hyphenate celebrity. In this special issue, we see exactly why people are wild about Harry.


On Newsstands: 6/10/22 - 9/12/22

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